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CERES is moving off-campus

Since 16 March 2015 parts of CERES have been move to a new building. Other sections of CERES will follow later this year. The new CERES address is

Universitätsstr. 90a,44789 Bochum, (station line U35: Wasserstrasse)

Learn more about the relocation to an off-campus building here

Latest News

SR03 Blockseminar "Indigene Religionen"

By Thomas Jurczyk on Wed 22 Apr 2015 01:37:58 PM

Wer in den Pfingstferien noch nichts vorhat bzw. sich generell für das Thema "Indigene Religionen" interessiert, hat jetzt die Möglichkeit, sich für das SR03 Seminar "Indigene Religionen" anzumelden, welches vom 27.-29. Mai in Bochum am CERES stattfinden ...

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This is CERES

The Center for Religious Studies in one of Ruhr University's six Research Departments. CERES initiates and coordinates religion-related activities at Ruhr University, resting on four pillars:

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